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Farmhouse Fresh Shea Butter Hand Creams

SKU: $16.00
Rich, hydrating shea butter hand creams in delicious scents deliver soft, smooth, moisturized hands that smell delightful! All natural, good for you ingredients.

Coconut Cream: Deliciously scented with notes of heavy cream & fresh coconut.

Fluffy Bunny: Lightly scented with mint-julep, cream and just a hint of lavender.

Front Porch Punch: Scented with all the juiciness of season - strawberry, peach, mango and melon.

Hello Yellow: A jarful of sunshine sprinkled with natural vanilla and citrus oils

Island Elixir (Organic): An intoxicating blend of white coconut and pineapple notes that transport you to a sunny beach.

Marshmallow Melt: Scented with a marshmallowy light blend of tonka bean and sandalwood.

Pink Moon: Delicately scented with a soft powdery note of a little spun sugar and licorice.

Rainbow Road: Scented with a light, uplifting blend of coconut and bartlett pear to instantly transport you to a sunny place and lift your mood.

Sweet Tea: Scented like a southern sweet tea with peach, ginger, and white tea - a vibrant, juicy treat!

Velvet Sunday: Scented with deliciously warm notes of cinnamon sugar and cream.

Whoopie Cream: Lightly scented with scrumptious white velvet cream and moist layer cake.


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