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Farmhouse Fresh Hydrating Hand Lotions

SKU: $16.00
Light hydrating milk lotions for the hands in scrumptious scents deliver smooth, soft, deeply moisturized hands that smell delicious! All natural, good-for-you ingredients.

Citrine Beach: A dash of coconut and a sprinkle of lime – it’s a beach party in a tube!

Fresh Melon: This silky lotion is a cool and juicy slice of fresh green melon with a hint of grapefruit!

Ginger Sorbet: Sweet cream and silky ginger grapefruit (This scent has been discontinued - limited stock available!)

Honey-Chai: Warm fall notes of clove, honey and sultry organic cardamom.

Maypop: Scented with a delightful effervescent passion fruit aroma.

Sweet Cream: Delicately scented with light velvety notes of warm sweet cream.

Sweet Milk (Organic): Soft notes of earthy tonka bean and warm oatmeal blend together for this light, sweet scent.


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